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the Otaniemi campus student network founded in 1986

Trinet Network


Trinet, the Otaniemi area campus network, was founded in 1986. Today it provides Internet access to all Otaniemi located student apartments and dormitories owned by the Aalto University Student Union (AYY) and the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region (HOAS). The network covers about 2500 student households and is connected to Funet, the Finnish national research and education network. This allows the use of academic network services in addition to a fast and reliable general Internet connectivity.

All apartments and dormitory rooms have 1 Gbps access connectivity and all buildings have at least a 10 Gbps uplink to the backbone.

Trinet has 2 * 100 Gbps redundant connections to the Internet via Funet. Trinet uplinks are connected to Funet in Espoo.

Along with the wired service, the AYY wireless network is available in sauna, party and meeting facilities (see current coverage). It provides secure encrypted access via eduroam authentication (essid "eduroam") or unencrypted access via the AYY open access network (essid "tupsu"). In addition, an experimental IPv6-only open access service (essid "tupsuv6only") and an IPv6-only eduroam network (essid "eduroamv6only") are available.

The network provides IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity. Also IPv4 and IPv6 multicast is supported. IPTV is the major application for multicast, and is offered via AYY IPTV services. Users may also receive multicast streams from the Internet.

Elisa Cable TV and AYY IPTV

Cable TV service is provided by Elisa. However, the old AYY IPTV service is also available.


Please check the instructions on how to configure your network settings before connecting the Trinet network.

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