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Network Equipment for Connecting to Trinet

Network adapters

Trinet is an Ethernet based network offering 1 Gbps user connectivity in most buildings. Nowadays most computers have a built-in Ethernet adapter and thus require no additional adapter. However, if no such adapter is present or there are problems with the built-in adapter, Trinet recommends the following Intel 1 Gbps network adapters:

Other 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet network adapters should work as well, but Intel adapters have been quite robust and unproblematic.


Trinet strongly recommends regular swiches instead of routers for sharing a connection between multiple computers. Also devices with 1 Gbps Ethernet ports may give better performance and be a longer term investment.

We have no specific recommendations for switch models at the moment but the following are inexpensive choices:

Places to buy

Places to buy network adapters, switches and cables can be found at hinta.fi.

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