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Network Equipment for Connecting to Trinet

Network adapters

Trinet is an Ethernet based network which offers wired-only 1 Gbps user connectivity. Nowadays most computers have either a built-in Ethernet adapter, a vendor-specific Ethernet dongle or do not support wired Ethernet at all. In all previous cases traditional socket-based adapter is not needed but if such is required for some reason, Trinet recommends the following Intel 1 Gbps network adapter:

Other 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet network adapters should work as well, but Intel adapters have been quite robust and unproblematic.


Trinet recommends regular swiches instead of routers for sharing a connection between multiple computers if no wireless access is needed. Switches without 1 Gbps Ethernet ports should not be bought anymore, 1 Gbps ports are needed to get the full speed from the Trinet access connection.

We have no specific recommendations for switch models at the moment but the following are inexpensive choices:

Wireless Routers

Wireless routers are good for purposes where wireless access is needed or even required. Trinet has no resources to test and keep a list of recommended routers, but the following aspects should be considered when purchasing a new router.

If you are looking a new router, the following model might be a good cost-efficient option which still provides gigabit Ethernet ports and supports modern Wi-Fi standards. It has also worked well in Trinet network based on feedback we have received.

Please use the blue "Internet" socket when connecting the router to the wall socket. The following settings should be changed using the router's admin web interface.

  1. Login to the router
  2. Select "Advanced" tab
  3. Select "IPv6" from the left menu
  4. Enable "Internet: IPv6" option
  5. Check that the following options are defined
    • "Internet: Internet Connection Type": Dynamic IP (SLAAC/DHCPv6)
    • "Internet, Advanced: Get IPv6 Address": Auto
    • "Internet, Advanced: Prefix Delegation": Enable
    • "Internet, Advanced: DNS Address": Get Dynamically from ISP
    • "LAN: Assigned Type": SLAAC+Stateless DHCP
  6. Save changes by selecting "Save"

In addition, tuning the following options might be useful. Please note that depending on the location and client devices, changing Wi-Fi settings may even make things worse.

  1. Login to the router
  2. Select "Advanced" tab
  3. Select "Wireless" and "TxBF,MU-MIMO" from the left menu
  4. Enable "TxBF,MU-MIMO" option
  5. Save changes by selecting "Save"


Category 6, 6A or 7 Ethernet patch cords with RJ45 connectors are recommended. Bad cabling may cause trouble getting the full speed (1 Gbps) or disturb the connection quality.

Places to buy

Places to buy network adapters, switches and cables can be found at hinta.fi.

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