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Trinet Network Service Description

1. Service Name

The Trinet Network

2. Service Summary

Trinet provides Internet access for users living in student apartments of the Aalto University Student Union (AYY) and the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region (HOAS) that are located in Otaniemi, Espoo, and AYY's other student apartments in the Helsinki region. In addition, Trinet offers network connectivity to other AYY premises in Espoo.

3. Service Description

The Trinet mission is to provide high-quality network services on a "best effort" basis, ie. by implementing industry best practices [1], [2] in a cost-efficient way and focusing on raising the base level good enough.

Trinet is offering the following services:

4. Additional Services

The following additional services are available:

5. Service Limitations

Service use will only be limited if absolutely necessary due to technical or operational reasons. However, some minor restrictions and limitations exist which may affect the service quality:

6. User Support and User Guides

7. Service Criticality

Mission Critical

8. Service Owner

The Aalto University Student Union

9. Customers of the Service

Users living in the coverage area of the network.

10. Service Quality Measurement

Network statistics are available at netstat.ayy.fi.

No user surveys have been conducted as of yet.


[1] G√ČANT Campus Best Practices
[2] EARNEST Report on Campus Issues

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